Tuesday, September 1, 2015

A New Season - Fall Announcement

For the last four months, our eldership team has been reflecting on our journey and vision as a church and seeking God's input in shaping us as we move forward.  During this period of discernment, God clarified our church's vision - to help each other live like Jesus in our church, our city, and beyond.

We will be speaking and talking more about what this vision looks like on upcoming Sundays and at an all church prayer meeting on Monday, September 14.  I hope you can join us for these gatherings.

Each member of our team believes that learning to live like Jesus requires involvement in a small group of people who will intentionally seek to live like Him among a specific community or neighborhood. Just like Jesus did. Given this belief, we feel we need to invest more time, gifting, and prayer to strengthen and start community groups.

With this need in mind and in assessing the current season and size of our church, the elders and the Fenway site team made a decision to not re-open our Fenway site this fall.  Our church will continue to meet together at the Brighton Music Hall.  We plan to redirect the energy that was put into hosting the afternoon service to reaching out more strategically in the Fenway with our Fenway community groups.

We realized how much God had orchestrated our steps when last week we discovered the club we had met in since we launched 7 years ago in the Fenway is being sold and will close in October.  You can listen to that story and hear more about why we made this decision on our website.

We are grateful for God's guidance in this season; we are deeply aware that He is with us and leading our church.  As one beautiful season of much visible life and growth has concluded, we are filled with faith for this new season into which God is bringing us.

I'm convinced more than I have ever been that following Jesus with a church community is the best decision a person can make.

Grace,  David W.